Requirements for Accepted Candidates - OMAR II. Summer School (2015)

1. Candidates who are accepted to OMAR Summer School are required to deposit the tuition fee until 22.06.2015 to the bank account stated below.

HALK BANKASI BEYAZIT ŞUBESİ IBAN NO: TR59 0001 2009 8200 0006 2005 20

2. Candidates who would like to use dormitory facilities are required to notify OMAR Administration via email to be included in the list. Candidates are required to appear in person for the check-in to the dormitories. Free shuttle service will pick up the students from dormitories at 08:00 a.m on 15.06.2015 and take them to Mirgün Mansion where classes will take place.

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3.The dates of instrument classes will be announced later on. But since seminars and collective performance practices will be conducted all throughout the Summer School Programme, all students are required to be present everyday at Mirgün Mansion starting form the first day of the programme 15.06.2015. (Summer School Introduction Meeting will take place at 10:00 a.m on 15.06.2015)

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