I. International Summer School – 2014

Istanbul University OMAR (Centre of Research and Applied Ottoman Music) Summer School

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Turkish music, though national in character, is performed in a wide geography extending from Africa to Eastern Europe. There are missions who play this music in those areas and elsewhere on the world. Turkish music education is offered in many conservatoires and fine art schools in various cities of our country. A major defect in this training is the scarcity of one-to-one work with masters.

However in some countries master classes are organized evading enabling students to “make” music with masters in the field. One prominent institute is the “Labyrinth Musical Work-shop” in Crete, Greece. Though there are rare individual studies elsewhere in the world, the lack of an academic training opportunity with masters has been a major deficiency until now.

Realisation & Calender

OMAR (Centre of Research and Applied Ottoman Music) has organized an international summer school which will last a feast night at the end of next June (22.6-4.07.2014). The following master performers will be teaching in the planned six different courses.

The building of our Centre is suitable or three different classes to operate simultaneously. Hence these branches will be divided into two and attend classes in eandry other day.

Instructors and the calendar are listed below:


  • Murat AYDEMİR                   Tanbur
  • Göksel BAKTAGİR               Kanun
  • Sadrettin ÖZÇİMİ                  Ney
  • Yurdal TOKCAN                    Ud
  • Derya TÜRKAN                     Kemençe
  • Münip UTANDI                      Uslûp and Repertoire 


NOTE: There is no age limit to apply to OMAR international summer school.

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